About Me


My name is Chris
I'm 40
I'm a wife
..and a mom

I was born and raised in beautiful Connecticut.  Just 30 miles outside of New York City.
I've moved to Florida twice....and back.  I just can't be that far away from my family.

I made myself a promise after I had been really agonizing over my weight...for the umpteenth time.

I decided to look at the entire situation and finally OWN that I  DID THIS TO MYSELF.
That was huge.
I also realized I'M THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN FIX IT.

Me at my heaviest and coincidently posing with Lara Spencer:

(btw, she is also a Greenwich girl and is sweet and gorgeous and teeny tiny)

I made peace with the fact that there is no magic pill, or diet or anything.  It's called getting my ass to the gym and being responsible for my food intake.

I've been working out with a trainer, Mac, and I've been taking the Visalus Body By Vi transformation kit and lost 21 pounds since I started.  I can't imagine not having my shakes twice a day now.

I'm excited to be sharing this - and a little nervous to really put it out there but I want to hold myself accountable.  Plus.....I paid Hubby Jack to design this lovely blog for me!!

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