Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I {heart} Sunday

Hey there and Happy Monday!

I'm going to get right to the highlight of our weekend.....Sunday Family Dinner: Braised short ribs, masked Yukon gold potatoes and gravy with Apple Puff Pasty w/whipped cream for dessert.

I always cook on Sunday, an early "fancy" dinner.  Or at least I but ingredients to buy for Family dinner on Sunday. I really like the way my hubby prepares them, so I just help him set it all up (aka..I went grocery shopping therefore I'm done :) thankyouverymuch.......

He does a French style recipe, braising them in a vegetable broth mixture, wine etc.  They cook for about 5 hours and the longer the better.  Nothing better than meat that cuts like butter with a fork!

And regardless if I make the actual meal (ya know, cause I did the grocery shopping) I will make dessert.  I was inspired by the Pioneer Woman episode yesterday, but I took it a step further:

1. I peeled the apples, this is a no brainer for me.  I don't enjoy skin on my cooked fruit. Like ever.
2. added a bit of vanilla extract.
3. a hearty dash of pumpkin pie spice

Other than that I pretty much followed the cooking time, etc.  It would have been cruel to keep that beautiful apple puff pastry without it's match made in food heaven, homemade whipped cream.

Do you make a special dinner on Sundays?  I feel like that makes up for all the 30 minute or less meals during the week.  Logical!?

Tomorrow I'm showing you one of my tricks for decorating on the cheap.

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