Wednesday, August 14, 2013

better days ahead.....

Well, here's hoping..

Yesterday, I met with the specialized surgeon - surgery scheduled for early September.  Looking forward to this getting taken care of!  In the meantime, he said I could walk - but that is it!  I'll take it. Not working out has been like cutting off a life line!  I miss it so much. I miss my gym, the staff and most of all my trainer, Mac.  

In happier news, we adopted a little kitten two weeks ago.  Minnie is a long haired teeny little thing and is just a sweet little lovey.  Little B is completely obsessed and rarely lets her go!  She even brings her to her food and waits for her at the litter box until she does her business.  I was assuming she would let up a little, but not so much..

...she is a very tolerant kitten.  So happy she is ours - as long as she doesn't forget where the litter box is! I'M KIDDING, NO I'M ACTUALLY NOT!

Tomorrow I'm sharing some cool finds I scored yesterday and my newest crafting obsessions.....:)

Hope you are having a great day, it is gorgeous here and plan on bringing the kids to the beach later. Expect photos!



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