Tuesday, August 20, 2013

cheap and easy..Operation Update the Apartment!

No, not me!!  Get your mind out the gutter!

Seriously, I have been on a mission to freshen up the decor in our home - especially before my surgery.  I want something less khaki and dark wood and more white and everything cohesive.  I am aiming for a chic-cozy-yet fresh kind of vibe.  When I get home and MUST rest, I don't want my mind starting with "I wish I did that before surgery".  I only want to be cozy and rested and heavily medicated....I digress...

Step one in Operation Update the Apartment....

I'm so over the black Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware frames.  Over black frames in general, and the silver frames have all come down too.  I have taken every single frame off the shelves and off the walls. Even the big frames with art, etc have all been taken down.  Some will get updated photos, my favorites will remain.

So after taking them all down, I brought them outside in batches since I only had three cans of my favorite spray paint left and about 30 frames in total.

I was especially excited to get all the leather frames sprayed white!  I want white all white, but I'm thrilled that there will be layers of white and textures.  

 I am going to go nuts and spray paint this cork board frame too.

With all the tarps spread out on my roof.  Let the spraying begin!

 I have a pair of flip flops just for painting...they can get sticky and the occasional wind will ensure some off spray.  $1 flip flops are a must have.

Cool,  right?  It needed many more layers :)

I can't wait till they are dry and filled with new pics!!

Up tomorrow: My girls room!

xoxo Christine

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  1. Good luck and HECK yes to the flip flops!! I have a pair that use too!