Monday, July 1, 2013


Yeah, I kind of dropped it like it was hot. Oh wait no, that is a hot flash.

I woke up with the cold from hell last Sunday and when that started to subside, I started getting these constant pains in my stomach.  I am going to see the doctor tomorrow.  Funny when it started hurting and everyone was telling me to see my doctor, I was like "which one?"  my OB/GYN, my family doctor, my gastroenterologist????  shoot me.....

Last week was little B's birthday.  She turned four.

She is GORGEOUS, like cutest kid ever gorgeous, but This cutie is Hell on wheels, and cries ALL.THE.TIME.

I've been desperate for some relief and not just for me but for her.  It is CONSTANT.  She has been evaluated, she's been tested - everything comes back fine and normal.....which is everything you want to hear.  But it's nto, because I would like to know why she has been having these uncontrollable outbursts throughout the day since we brought her home from the hospital.

AT ONE, AT TWO, AT THREE AND NOW.  If she doesn't get her way, well then watch the eff out.  

Last night after her family party, my MIL, suggested she be brought to a priest and baptized right away.  And she wants us all to drink some crazy old Holy water.  I WILL TRY ANYTHING!!!  Seriously, if someone said run naked through the streets, I would not hesitate.  It's that bad..............

I know giving in is only going to hurt her, but her screaming and crying at the top of her lungs is on my last nerve.

So after talking with my awesome SIL and bff, I have decided to bring her to the family doctor with taped "episodes" of little B's behavior.  I went to a health/supplement store today and got some lemon balm and kids fish oil gummies.  They are both supposed to help.  We shall see.

I know this is not a fun witty post, but I said I wanted this to be a real blog, and right now, this is real and have been solely focused on this issue with little B.

So if you have any suggestions at all for her or me, please leave them.


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  1. Wow. I agree on showing recorded footage of her behavior to the dr. I hope that will help!

    And good luck at the dr. tomorrow!