Wednesday, July 3, 2013

keeping track

is really hard for me!  I have the best intentions of recording it all, but between the kids, laundry, Facebook did I just admit that??? etc, it ends up not getting fully recorded. 

I thought I would document a few things in this post starting with my measurements:

Arms: 13
Waist: 45
Hips: 46
Thighs: 25

When I started this journey back in April, this was what I was starting with:

Arms: 14.5
Waist: 48
Hips: 49
Thighs: 27

Not bad, not as good as I was hoping on my stomach, but the hysterectomy has left me with a bloated feeling and I have to be careful working out my core for another 3-5 weeks.  My awesome trainer, Mac, assures me we will work this hard as soon as I have the okay from my doctor.

Moving on to food,

Here is what a typical day looks like for me:


Visalus shake with almond milk and 4 pieces of frozen pineapple and a few blueberries:

Shake mix: 90 calories
Almond milk: 60 calories
fruit: 50 calories
that equal about 200 calories for breakfast

Then I have a snack either a Think Thin bar at 190 calories or a Greek Yogurt also at 190 calories. I usually need something like a cup of carrots and a Kirby duke quartered with a sprinkling of sea salt. 


Shake mix: 90 calories
Almond milk: 60 calories
Visalus flavor enhancer: 4 calories

Snack: 1/4 Acorn squash 90 
1tbs of organic butter spread 100
1 kirby cuke with sea salt and pepper


Grilled chicken breast or seasoned ground turkey seasoned added to a large (mostly lettuce) salad with a vinegar based dressing.  I try to keep it under 400 calories.

Pinkberry or some other kind of frozen yogurt - no toppings etc.

Water: I am up to drinking 100 ounces a day.  

And there you have it.  My somewhat clean eating under 1500 calories a day eating plan.  

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