Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge

I have got to get my ass in gear, not feeling well is not an excuse!

I'm up six whole pounds. budumpbum............

I am not giving up and I am re-committing to the 90 day Body by Vi Challenge.  I'm going to lose 45 pounds in the next 90 days.  I KNOW I can do this. I will be taking my measurements tonight and perhaps hang myself afterwards with the measuring tape....I am kind of curious to see how much they have changed since April 10th.

Also, I'm participating in the Jillian Michael's 30 day shred with Holly from

Holly is one of my favorite bloggers and she is so funny!  I love me a girl who tells it like it is.......And her hubby Chris aka Hubby Jack's Blog Attack is one funny dude. Let's not forget he is a great blog designer to boot!

The first workout was harder than I thought it was going to be.  I felt every muscle, and I love that.  I was a sweaty mess after:

Feel free to have a cocktail after that sight, I just may have one too :(

So I was kind of feeling like the worst mother ever guilty after venting about my little B yesterday...That is part of motherhood...ups and downs...Here is an "up" picture the night of her 4th birthday.

I love this girl like crazy and I can suck on that face all day long....when she's being her sweet self!

Stay tuned tomorrow for measurements and then some :)


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  1. Stick with it, mmmk? I have fallen off the 30 day wagon so many times, but the one time I stuck to it, I saw AMAZING results. So will you! I am proud of you!!